The veteran Trance titan talks about the motivation for facelifting old classics and living with no expectations…

By Afra Naushad Ali Khan

paul oakenfold trance mission

What was the motivation for creating another Trance mix compilation?

It’s not really a compilation. They are all original productions. Cover versions as opposed to remixes. So you could argue that it’s an artist  album more than a compilation. My motivation was based on the fact I’d had the idea for the album in my head for the best part of 5 years and last year when I sat down with the guys in the Perfecto office and the guys at Armada – we all decided the timing was perfect. A lot of the material was near 15 years old and so there was a whole new generation of electronic  fans who would hear this album and not know the originals as well as it  appealing to the older generation who will look back on the songs with great nostalgia.

What was the most fun track to work on?

‘Madagascar’ probably. That one came together very quickly.        

Which track was the most challenging to reproduce?

‘Touch Me’ was pretty simple to make once I had decided on the direction, but that decision only came after I had spent ages trying different styles and none of them working. I spent a lot of time on getting that project to a certain stage and then deleting it and then in the end I decided to just strip it back and go completely mellow and laid back – letting the vocals completely carry the music.

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What are your expectations from listeners on the album?

I have no expectations. I’ve learnt never to expect anything. It’s never a good idea. I hope people will like it.





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