By Afra Khan

Having gained a residency on the internationally revered station BBC Radio 1, as part of the In New DJs We Trust rotation, cemented Jordan Suckley’s inauguration among the elite DJ realms. He’s received high praise from the likes of Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, John O’Callaghan, Simon Patterson and with both Mixmag and Beatport tipping him as ‘One To Watch’ no one can ignore his success and promised potential.


When it comes to his diary it reads like a ‘Most Wanted’ list – Global Gathering, Creamfields, Cream Ibiza, Full On Ferry Ibiza, Godskitchen,
Goodgreef, The Gallery, Slinky, The Arches, Lush, tours in the USA, Canada, Australia & India with further shows in Holland, Argentina, Bali, Poland, Hungary, Spain, South Korea and many more. Promoters are buzzing around to book Jordan Suckley because they know when they do, there’s never a disappointment and only ever exceptional experiences.

Output from the studio continues to strike gold. Early 2013 saw Jordan collaborate with Simon Patterson to present their creation ‘Vanilla’, released on Spinnin’s Reset Records it has amassed support from all of the industry’s leaders and rocketed up in the top 5 of Beatport & Trackitdown charts. Jordan has remixed for Armin van Buuren & John O’Callaghan on Armada, for Gareth Emery on Garuda and Simon Patterson on Spinnin. Solo work in 2013 will see him release on Perfecto Fluoro, Subculture, Mental Asylum, Spinnin and follow up his collaboration with Simon Patterson early next year. Here’s Jordan talking about his latest Damaged compilation and advice that anyone from any walk of life could definitely heed.

What have you been doing lately Jordan?

Working on a remix for Heatbeats and Tiesto…

One of Tiësto’s older tunes?

Yeah, one of his older ones, but it’s getting an official release.

I thought your recent compilation for Damaged was very intelligently put together. Especially the introduction to it. How do you feel about it in retrospect?

Yeah i feel good you know, especially having a talented producer like Mark Sherry who did the second part of Volume 1, which was more Trance-based and mine more Techno. Yeah I’m very happy with it and it’s got a couple of exclusives out there. It’s the sound I’m pushing Damaged towards.

With the more Techno-orientated sound that you’ve been playing lately, how are people responding to your sound in North America?

Yeah i’ll tell you in the last year though I’ve been playing mostly America. I’m there every two weeks and literally what’s on the Damaged CD is the sound I’m playing everywhere. It’s quite what i’m all about. Yeah it’s kinda blown up there now, especially Psy-trance. When i play at festivals out there, people really like it, it’s crazy. You might call it the older sound, but for me it’s a new sound.

Is there a routine you follow to discover new music?

I actually listen to loads and loads of different podcasts and radio shows, like from Techno to Psy-trance, even Deep House…a little bit of everything really. Everyone gets their own exclusives so it’s nice to listen to everybody’s podcasts…it’s a bit more inspiring. I also get hundreds of promos myself, and people send me stuff for the Damaged label as well, so i also listen to stuff that gets sent there.

Are you looking for new artists to add to your roster?

Yeah, always. Definitely always looking for new people.

What do you look for when you sign an artist’s track?

It’s mostly elements that i like in their tracks. I like dark acids, beautiful uplifting melodies and techy elements. It’s mostly the Tech-trance, Psy-trance elements that’s uplifting.

Which producers are you digging at the moment?

Sam Jones is great at the moment for me. Also, Freedom Fighters in the Psy-trance scene.

Jordan what advice would you give to up and coming DJs who want to break through in this internet-savvy world we live in today?

My story was that i won a DJ competition and at the back of that i started getting gigs around England in the UK and i got taken by an agency purely as a DJ. I had never made a track in my life. But the thing is that things change every couple of years. There’s a new guy called Sam Jones who is signed to the same agency as me, he’s a new talent and he’s put loads of different tracks on different labels and that’s the way to break through now. Get your sounds together, make your track sounding solid, nice and clean and get your tracks on the right labels and people start to take notice of you. If you’re putting tracks on labels nobody has heard of then there’s not much chance of reaching out to the bigger DJs.

Yeah, it’s sad that not many DJs get booked purely on basis of their DJ skills.

Yeah it is sad really. But like James Zabiela, there are not make DJs around like that. I feel that someone like him warrants being out there purely as a DJ. I mean just turning up a really tight DJ mix does not classify as being a good DJ. You have to have your own effects and tricks that are unique.

Where do you think the Trance genre is headed in the music space?

Well the scene’s only as strong as the producers are, isn’t it? And there’s thousands of them all over the world producing beautiful music. As long as the procedures are making good music, then the scene is going somewhere.

Are there any plans to work on an album?

Not really because i find it so difficult to work on an album for the entire year and release tracks at the same time. And if you’re not releasing tracks then you get dropped off the radar because you consistently need to be releasing stuff and be in people’s faces to get gigs, if you know what i mean. Some people can do it, but i can’ be releasing tracks and be touring and working on an album at the same time. I mean not at this point in my career but at some point i may consider it.

What’s the most challenging part of being a DJ/producer as far as your personal life is concerned?

Obviously everyone is working the 9-5 from Monday to Friday and the weekend they party, but the same is the opposite for me. Obviously I miss a lot of birthdays and parties and also nowadays I produce on the laptop as I’m tour. Before I would go home for 4 weeks between tours to produce, but now even if I’m away on tour to Australia or America I give myself a three-week deadline and have to produce sitting in my hotel room on my laptop which took kinda getting used to… making music on the road. Everything i do now is on the laptop, even the remix i did for Aly and Fila, was all made on the laptop. Even one of the exclusives that’s on the compilation but who cares if it was done on the laptop.

What’s one element that grounds the very fast lifestyle that your are currently leading?

A lot of people ask me that.You know I’ve never been that kind of person who needs grounding. I’m just a very normal person and don’t feel like i should be grounded because I’m naturally like that anyway.

If you had to give someone your last advice in life, what would that be?

Work when other people are resting.

BUY HERE: Damaged Volume 1 by Jordan Suckley & Mark Sherry