By Afra Naushad Ali Khan

Trance titans Aly and Fila who have been pioneering the Future Sound of Egypt brand are set to play their final 400th slot on September 11, 2015 at the spectacular Pyramids of Giza.

aly_and_filaFadi Naguib, one half of the duo joined me over phone from Mexico to speak about why they chose September 11 to play their final leg of the FSOE world tour and his soon-to-be-born baby girl.

It’s been almost over a year since we last met Fadi. How are you feeling?

I’m very happy with the way things are going right now. In ten days I’m expecting my second baby. This time it’s a girl.

How is being a father treating you? You had a baby boy last year.

To be honest, that’s the best thing in my life. But the lack of being home, that’s the only thing that puts me down. I’d love to spend more time with my kids and enjoy but at the end of the day i have to be touring the whole time and working hard and just do things you know. But for the birth of my baby i’ll be taking 10 days off and that’s not too bad. But it will be a hard 10 days because it will be just before the show so it won’t be 100% off.

How is Aly’s ear condition now? 

He’s good now. He still has problems with his ears but he will manage to come to the show because he has to be there. He will be there for the show. But he’ll still be taking precautions you know.

How are you feeling about the FSOE 400 culminating at the Pyramids of Giza?

To be honest it is one of my dreams to have a home celebration at the Pyramids. I couldn’t choose any other venue that i’d love to play at. That’s my highest pick.

The date is quite memorable. Is there a special reason why you chose September 11?

To be honest it was the only weekend date for which we got permission. The other dates were already booked for all the shows. A lot of people from the U.S were asking me why we chose 11th of September, it’s not a cool date and all that. But sorry guys, i really didn’t mean it in a bad way, it’s the only day we got the permission you know.

Well…there’s nothing wrong with a number and 11 is a pretty cool number…

Yeah and it’s the perfect time in Egypt you know. The weather is really nice around this time and it will be an open-air event and it’s not too hot also. A lot of people from abroad are coming over. It’s going to be a really nice mixture of people from other countries and going to be a really good one. You have to make sure you come.

I’m going to be elsewhere around the time Fadi but hopefully we meet somewhere else.

Then you have to make sure you come next year.

Absolutely! Any new plans for the shows after FSOE 400, next year?

For next year we’re planning to upgrade the production. I’ll keep this one a surprise. Fans were already surprised this year with the visuals and productions. Our production team is doing so well. Our website has a new heart button on live viewing where you can see flags of the countries you come from. We’ve seen fans from countries we don’t even know. We will try to go to new countries we haven’t been to before.

A new album or singles in the upcoming months?

We just released with Napoleon with Ferry Tayle, so it will be the last single for the year. Around April or May we will be releasing our next album. It has some great collaborations. We’re doing stuff from new artists and big acts who’ve been doing great in the past 10 and 20 years. A good combination of new and old artists. I’m pretty sure you will like it.